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Annual General Worship Meeting

We join together as one church this Sunday to praise and thank God for the year that was and join together to pray and plan and look forward to the year ahead. Please join us for our Annual General Meeting Service. Note: No other services will be held this Sunday! Kids are going to be…

Deeper: Galatians & Colossians

Join us each Sunday in our English services (8am, 10am and 6pm) for our next sermon series. We’ll be diving into the books of Galatians and Colossians and considering how Paul instructs followers of Jesus to go deeper. To listen to our sermons in this series click here.  

The Meaning of Life

Is there any meaning to life? Join us on Sunday in our English services as we look at the Book of Ecclesiastes and investigate ‘what is the meaning of life?’  

Global Missions Dinner

The Global Mission Dinner was a great night of hearing more about how God is at work in our world both locally and abroad. If you’d like to find out more about our mission partners, follow the links at the top of the page under ‘Missions’.

Member Updates

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