Vision - Life with Jesus

Vision - life with Jesus

Can you imagine life with Jesus? I can.

It’s the kind of life that Jesus himself describes as being as close as a branch connected to a vine (Jn 15), as personal as a sheep listening to the Shepherd’s voice (Jn 10), as sacrificial as taking up your cross (Lk 9), as joyful as finding treasure buried in a field (Mt 13), as secure as building your house on a rock (Mt 7), as free as captives released from prison (Lk 4), as similar to Jesus’ own life as an apprentice to a master (Jn 14). And this is just a start.

Jesus did not intend for this kind of life to be spent alone; he called out people to follow him, which in turn became his church. I can imagine that a group of people committed to this life with Jesus would make a difference: in their families, in their communities, in their schools and universities, in their neighbourhoods, in the nations.

I can imagine Wellspring Anglican Church being such people.

Rob Imberger - Senior Pastor

To do this, we commit to 4 core values:

Belong - We belong first to God, then to each other. We know belonging is to feel a part of something, where we give and receive.

Believe - This is our heart of worship, word and prayer.

Grow - Built on Christ our foundation, our church grows into Christlike maturity, wherever they come from or go.

Share - Good news and good works go together, as we (eg.) both share the gospel and share justice. We know we are not alone in this, as we partner with other groups that do so also.

See here for more on our vision.

As an Anglican church, we also celebrate our heritage and a firm biblical and gospel-centred faith.