We aim to live life with Jesus. As followers of Jesus we are called to belong to a community of believers, and we share in Jesus' commission to invite others to be followers of Jesus.  

How do we do this? We belong, believe, grow and share together.

We believe God speaks, and as people of faith, we receive His written and spoken word as our source of wisdom for our lives.

God calls us to remain faithful to Him and His word.

God has given us minds to use. He has called us to serve Him in spirit and in truth. Our local context requires thoughtful responsiveness to consider how to understand and share the gospel, especially with the university located next door and may families in the area.

We want to explore what it means to follow Jesus living in the 21st Century world. God's Spirit in us is inspiring and dynamic.

We are not the 'experts'. We are jouneying in life together. We want to be a community that supports each other as we seek to express the Kingsdom of heaven. This is especially meaningful in our relationships with people who are different to us, within and beyond our church.

Our Biblical and Gospel-Centred Faith

As an Anglican church, we celebrate our heritage and a firm biblical and gospel-centred faith.