Easter 2023

This year’s Easter theme is “Cross and Crown”, taking our cue from Matthew’s telling of Jesus’ final week on earth. We meet a series of paradoxes in this familiar story: suffering and victory, shame and glory, weakness and power, among others.

There’s a line from King’s Kaleidoscope in one of their songs, which seems relevant here: “Why am I down on the way up?” I think they’re trying to capture how following Jesus can sometimes feel as though it’s getting worse before it gets better, or harder before it gets easier. One thing we learn from the Easter story is that this is the trajectory of Jesus himself, so it makes sense that we would experience it also.

Are you able to relate to the paradoxes of life? Then Easter is for you.

Good Friday: 8am, 10am

If you’re unable to join in person our 10am service will be available via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 824 7601 2250 Passcode: 085899

Easter Sunday: 8am, 10am, 5:30pm

If you’re unable to join in person our 10am and 5:30pm services will be available via Zoom.

10am: Direct link or Meeting ID: 680 948 163 and Password: 174297

5:30pm: Direct link or Meeting ID: 194 699 691

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