Emergency Food Relief: Cambodia

Over the past couple of weeks Abraham and his teams have been delivering emergency food aid to remote families in northern Cambodia.

Thanks to the generous support received from Aussie families the program has been extended both in quantity and distribution after there were reports of desperate situations in some of the outlying areas of the Oddar Meanchey province.

Initially a distribution centre was set up at the primary school where hundreds of families converged to receive their free emergency pack comprising a 30kg bag of rice, tins of tuna, sauces and cooking oil. Many of these families were struggling to put any form of meal on the table and were reduced to eating small amounts of corn and potatoes.

As word spread about the emergency aid being offered by Abraham’s team they heard that some families living in very remote villages had been without any food at all for a week or more and had no way of getting to the primary school to access the aid. It was decided to take the aid program on the road.

As Pastor Abe and his team travelled deeper into the Cambodian jungle they started to hear more and more stories of desperate families with young children literally starving and with no hope of getting through this crisis. So to have someone turn up on their doorstep totally unannounced with a huge bag of rice and tins of tuna was quite an emotional experience for everyone involved.

For many their lives are challenging at the best of times so to receive a gift of food at the time of their greatest need must have had a profound effect.

This emergency food relief will benefit nearly 650 families across a huge area of remote Cambodian villages.

If you would like to give money to assist in the continuing of this food relief you can make a donation here.

Please pray for Abe and his teams who continue to meet needs of the people. Please also pray the Covid situation in Cambodia improves soon so these people can go back to work and provide for their families in the basic ways they were able to before.