Anniversary Sunday – Our birthdays, God’s blessings

Our birthdays, God’s blessings

100 years of St. Peter’s, 10 years of Wellspring


What a joy it was to gather together on Apr 22nd and thank God, as one body, for grace upon historical grace.


Didn’t we pack in a lot of goodness that day? Prayers and fashion from the early 1900s; commissioning of new Chinese staff preceded by a moving choir item; stirring preaching and sacrificial leadership from our Bishop; song worship that moved us through the decades; Lord’s Supper shared as 300+ brothers and sisters; testimonies of young people committed to follow Jesus amidst their baptisms and confirmations; lunch; church tours; neighbourhood visiting; and birthday cake!


I love the life and joy evident in the photos taken from the day (thanks, Clare!). In fact, thank you to all those whose invaluable contribution made the day happen. I praise God for each of you.


Here’s to another century of life with Jesus, like Jesus, and for Jesus.


Your privileged Pastor,

Rob Imberger


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