Keeping Kids Safe with Computers Information Night


Not only is the world a scary place, but with the internet that scary world gets into our homes… and with smart phones it gets into our pockets! Like so many things, the internet generally and social media in particular has power to do great good for the world and for our children as well as great harm.

Much that we can read and hear about this topic fills us with fear, and burdens us with elaborate technological tools and detailed family rules to try keep our kids completely safe.

By contrast, this Training Night aims to bring a holistic but do-able approach to caring for the kids in our churches. The team at Vision 100 are convinced that understanding, communication and boundaries are the things that set the right culture for our kids to grow up in. And at this event they will help us think about what we need to do to keep children safe, but also to prepare our kids for those circumstances we can’t shield them from completely.

This event is for parents, wider family, support people and church leaders: to help us all think about how we can care for the kids in our churches with wisdom and realism.

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Date: Wednesday 16th November

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Location: Wellspring Anglican Church (The Loft)

Cost: $20