Lamenting and repenting of sexual sin through funding redress

"We have been deeply committed to a right and just response to child sexual abuse that has occurred in the past in our Diocese. We have made a formal apology to the survivors, called for and participated in the Royal Commission, established our own support scheme for survivors, and have invested heavily in our safe church communities program.

You may be aware that earlier in the week, I issued a media statement about the importance of providing redress for survivors of child sexual abuse and gave my support to the National Redress Scheme (NRS). The NRS provides redress for survivors of abuse up to an amount of $150,000 per claim, counselling costs and the possibility of an apology from the institution.

Redress is so important. It’s a vital step in providing restorative justice, recognition and support to survivors of sexual abuse. The Prophet Isaiah teaches that God loves justice and calls us to make recompense for those who have been wronged. As people committed to God’s restoration of the world, we have an obligation to provide this".

The Right Reverend Dr Richard Condie (Bishop of Tasmania), 19 April 2018

For Wellspring as a local Anglican church, all of this has led us to seek God's forgiveness and grace. We fully support our Bishop's response and Synod's decisions, and as a Parish we have been asked to contribute a sum in the realm of $250,000.

At its meetings during 2018, Parish Council (Wellspring's governance & leadership group) discussed and agreed to make such a contribution, with a view to being more generous, should the need later arise. A large part of the strategy for funding the approximately $8m for Redress is sales from Anglican properties. Recently, at the Annual Parish Meeting, it was resolved to sell one of Wellspring’s residential properties (currently vacant) in order to meet our contribution commitment.