Wellspring at the Movies – January 2020

Christians should be constantly reading two texts: Bible and culture. And more than any other form of media, movies transmit the cultural values of our day. That’s why for the past 5 years, Wellspring has gone to the movies in January; see it during the week and then on the Sunday we’ll reflect on each film’s themes and with Scripture, to discover how Christ completes its message.

“Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker” (Rated M (TBC), released in cinemas 19 December 2019)

It’s another epic journey to a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the riveting conclusion of the seminal Skywalker saga, where new legends will be born and the final battle for freedom is yet to come. View the trailer here and watch out for God-threads about ‘the force’, a grand story reaching its end, and epic battles between good & evil.


Little Women” (Rated PG, released in cinemas 1 January 2020)

A dramatization of Louisa May Alcott’s novel about the lives of the four March sisters during the American Civil War, as they learn to navigate love, loss, and the trials of growing up. View the trailer here and watch out for God-threads about identity, purpose and a woman’s worth.


“The Goldfinch” (Rated M, released digitally 25 December 2019)

A film adaptation of Donna Tartt’s globally acclaimed bestseller of the same name. Theo Decker is 13 years old when his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The tragedy changes the course of his life, sending him on an odyssey of grief and guilt, reinvention and redemption, and even love. Through it all, he holds on to one tangible piece of hope from that terrible day… a painting of a tiny bird chained to its perch, The Goldfinch. View the trailer here and watch out for God-threads about life after death, as well as mending what’s broken.


The Lion King” (Rated PG, available digitally/DVD now)

In this 2019 remake of the earlier animation, the story remains timeless. Simba idolizes his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny on the plains of Africa. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub’s arrival. Uncle Scar has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is soon ravaged with betrayal and tragedy, and with the help of a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba must figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his. View the trailer here and watch out for God-threads about true kingship.


Please note: In encouraging this kind of cultural engagement, Wellspring Anglican Church does not endorse the content of these films. Under God, we trust you to exercise discretion and wisdom, especially when making decisions about supervising children. The website imdb.com lists each film’s classification and advisory content.