Wellspring at the Movies – “The BFG”

During summer, Wellspring strives to watch films in Jesus’ name, ie. as Christians seeking to be entertained but also educated in what values drive our culture. We believe the complete Christ is at the end of whatever incomplete story our movies tell, and that it is the Christian’s task to take people from what they do know to Someone they don’t (like Paul did in Acts 17:16-34). For 5 Sundays, we focus on a different movie, unpacking its themes and messages in light of Scripture. You’re encouraged to go deeper with this week’s film with the Reflection and Questions below.

The BFG is a movie about two outsiders triumphing against all the odds.  A small, young, orphan girl with no one to miss her and a lonely, small in comparison, vegetarian giant with no friends.  Together they are faced with big, strong, powerful, flesh eating giants and with bravery they face the bad guys and triumph.

The movie is asking us to identify with these outsiders and it’s easy for us to do because often we feel like outsiders in our own lives.  Be it with friends, family or work.

The movie invites us to think about how the outsider becomes the insider? How do we know we’re accepted? How can we experience victory?  1 Peter 2:4-12 reminds us that Jesus lived and died as a rejected outsider so that we might be accepted as insiders with God.  Just like how Sophie and The BFG we’re accepted by The Queen.

1. Have you ever felt like an outsider?

2. Did you think the theme of the Outsider was prominent in this movie?

3. What other themes did you notice?

4. How does 1 Peter 2:4-12 help us think biblically about living as an outsider?

5. Where are you looking for acceptance and validation?

6. What good deeds is the God who has chosen you, loved you and accepted you, calling you to today?