Mission Partners

At Wellspring we understand that God desires his people to go into all the world.

We are delighted and joyed by the diversity of people and cultures that are reflective of a creative God who is actively engaged with his people. We work towards and look forward to the reconciliation of all peoples, races and cultures through Jesus. We understand that one of the most effective ways to share the world changing news of Jesus is to go long term to another country and culture. We desire people to go out as missionaries from Australia as well as to come in from all over the world. Our desire is that this understanding would be expressed by our people both supporting and going overseas as long term missionaries and supporting mission agencies.

Ellie Firth

Ellie Firth

Ellie Firth is currently serving in Barcelona, Spain with CMS, God willing, she will support the work of the GBU in publishing and student work. Wellspring is partnering with Ellie in this mission work.

If you would like to receive regular prayer updates and/or give financially to support this work please visit her CMS page below:



Samuel Green

Samuel Green works for AFES as an Islamic Specialist. Please support his work by partnering him in prayer or supporting him financially.


Check out some of Sam's articles and engaging with Islam work




Asia Partnership

South East Asia Partnership

We support a family serving in a university city in South East Asia.