Time to get excited for the Christmas season! A time to remember and rehearse the birth of Jesus, and to reflect on the person and work of Jesus – indeed, all the life he came to give us.

“How does a baby in a manger do this?”, you might ask.

I invite you on a journey with us on a gradual unmasking of God.

For the Sundays leading up to Christmas (a season called Advent), we’ll be considering how Jesus is the better Abraham, the better Moses, the better David, and the best of God’s people. This is how Jesus reveals who God is. The God of Abraham, Moses and David, the God of Israel. God, the Father of Jesus. God, your Father.

In this COVID climate and its myriad pressures, our world is desperately looking for certainty and kept promises. We long for peace and relief to come, and for masks to come off! Won’t you join us as we explore the promise of Jesus, God unmasked, this Christmas?

We’re also excited to invite you on Christmas Eve to a special service reflecting on the women in Jesus’ genealogy – think of them as the mothers of Jesus.

Advent sermon series

November 28: 8am | Jesus is the better Abraham

December 5: 8am, 10am, 5:30pm | Jesus is the better Moses

December 12: 8am, 10am | Jesus is the better David

December 19: 10am, 5:30pm | Jesus is the better Israel

Special Events

December 12: Carols in the Courtyard, 5:30pm. Details here.

December 18: Gingerbread House Decorating, 2-4pm. Register here.

December 19: Chinese Carols. More details to come.

December 24: Christmas Eve 7:30pm

December 25: Christmas Day Services: 8am, 10am, 2pm (chinese)

December 26: Special Sunday Service, 9am