Under 18 Ministry Leaders

We have an exciting new season for our Wellspring children’s and youth ministries ahead.

As announced at August’s AGM, Jackson Summerfield will transition from his part-time Children’s Minister role to a full-time 2 year Ministry Apprenticeship, in children’s and youth ministry. This meets several key needs emerging, including Camille Imberger stepping down as Youth Ministry Coordinator in September, as well as allowing for greater synergy between the two ministry areas and partnering with his wife Lucy Summerfield (existing MTS Apprentice).

One of the big advantages of a full-time MTS Apprenticeship is its emphasis on immersion in ministry life, varied support structures, and a taste of theological training. This fits like a glove with the call God has been placing on Jackson’s heart in recent months, to be set in this direction of serving God in a fuller-time leadership capacity.

In practice, Jackson’s apprenticeship will be funded from several sources: i) Anglican Diocesan grant; ii) 1 day wages from Wellspring’s offertory; iii) Austudy; and iv) 1 day wages from sponsorship. The latter is where you are encouraged to contribute: perhaps you have had a particular connection to Jackson so far, or you are a parent seeing the value of his leadership, or you seek to invest in young leaders’ growth and development. Click here to take your next step.

As Senior Pastor of Wellspring, Rob’s desire would be to still eventually appoint a Youth Ministry specialist, but for now he is very pleased to have the Summerfields serving in these important areas of our Life with Jesus.