Amos in the New Testament

The book of Amos is quoted twice in the New Testament. 

  • Amos 5: 25-27 in the Acts of the Apostles (7: 42-42), by Stephen as part of a long defence he makes before the Jewish leaders.  The speech, which begins in 7:2, is an excellent illustration of how the Hebrew Scriptures (our Old Testament) were understood and used by the first Christians.
  • Amos 9: 11-12 in the Acts of the Apostles (15: 16-18), at the Council of Jerusalem by James (the brother of Jesus who is now a leader in the church).  The Council was trying to work out how Jewish law applied to those who had become Christians from non-Jewish backgrounds.

Take some time to read and reflect on these passages in both Amos and the book of Acts.

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