James: Faith that Works

If we’re honest with ourselves, there are gaps in our lives; gaps between who we are and who God wants us to be; gaps between what we profess and what we practise.

The Letter of James confronts us with the question; “how do we live wisely?”. It’s about closing the gaps. It is a call to integrity; a call to wholeness; a call to completeness. 

He desires ‘a faith that works’. We’re not saved by works. But, saving faith never comes without works. The opposite of integrated Christian living is what James refers to as being “double-minded”.

Over the next two Sundays at Resonate (May 30, June 6) we’ll be wrapping up our sermon series on James. He has been teaching us about having godly feet, hands, lips, hearts and knees; – walking the way of wisdom (James 1)- doing the works of faith (James 2)- speaking the words of truth (James 3)- living in submission to God (James 4)- depending on the grace of God (James 5).

How have you been challenged from the book of James?