Easter at Wellspring

We’re getting excited about Easter at Wellspring.

We look forward to welcoming you for one of our services over the Easter weekend, because we believe the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the world’s hope for life with God:

Good Friday: 8am, 10am (available on zoom), 10:30am (Chinese)

Easter Sunday: 8am, 10am (zoom), 2pm (Chinese zoom), 5:30pm (zoom)

In the past 12 months, many people have been contemplating matters of mortality, fatigue, distrust and feeling like life is ‘on hold’.
The Easter story admits to the reality of groaning, conflict, political corruption, spiritual distancing and the disruption of ‘normal’.

Jesus’ resurrection meets our needs for hope, a new start, a new normal, with free and true access to God and others. We have the promise of forgiveness, paradise and freedom from striving.

In short, Easter brings us a “Life Without Borders”.

You’re invited to explore it.

(Some of our services above will be accessible by Zoom. If you need to download the program you can here.)

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