Wellspring Women Afternoon Tea Sessions

Ladies, we’re excited to invite you to join the Wellspring Women Afternoon Tea Session (WWATS) community this year! We’re hoping that our afternoon teas can be a place to build deeper relationships as we chat, listen to speakers, hear from panels of women, pray, worship and dive into God’s Word together – all over a piece of cake and cup of tea of course!
Topics this year will include mentoring, different ways to dig into your Bible and how to share Jesus where you are.

We’d love you to come, and we would also love to have a few volunteers help make this happen! Whether you know you have a particular gifting you’d like to use (perhaps you love baking – or the opposite thereof) or are simply happy to help in which ever way you can, please get in touch with Damaris on 0349 460 099 or dkdamaris@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you there!
– Vicki, Jude, Damaris and Lynne