Senior Pastor Rob Imberger

Rob Imberger

罗布靠恩典得救一样一个小和在东南墨尔本长大。从十几岁年,罗布知道上帝想让他成为一名牧师。中学毕业后不久 Rob 承诺 BTh 和 AdvDipMin 在雷德利大学,墨尔本,在那里他多么幸运满足和嫁给他美丽的妻子卡米尔,协调和在 2007 年毕业前一年。

几年来,罗布然后担任助理牧师圣约翰的钻石 creek 之前移动到 2014 年才加入南部东戈圣公会教区的团队。虽然在本迪戈,罗布和卡米尔感谢上帝他们令人敬畏的三个孩子 (和现在第四次,自己小的塔斯马尼亚 !) 的到来。 Imbergers 爱他们新的冒险,以及他们自信的源泉教会和社区领导的耶和华的主权。罗布在 2014 年底,开始他的角色作为高级牧师和继续享有领先耶稣教堂在这里。

为了好玩,Imbergers 不同程度地享受唱歌、 跳舞、 咖啡、 阅读和柯林武德足球俱乐部。



迈克尔是源泉的中国牧师。他三个孩子嫁给琳达︰ 格鲁吉亚、 吉娜和杰克。家庭在 2003 年从香港移民到墨尔本。迈克尔完成与中国大学的政治科学和法律在北京,后来他本科学位从在香港的城市大学中国法律硕士学位。他最近还完成澳大利亚高校的通过神学的墨尔本学院中文系部神学的学士学位。迈克尔被选为中国部委局在神圣三位一体圣公会在唐卡斯特,墨尔本的主席。

MST 毕业后他在墨尔本华人圣经教会工作了 18 个月的助理牧师。Michasel 是激情来学习神的话语,并伸向民与耶稣基督的福音;尤其是,他被背负宣讲那些来自不同的中国背景。在他的业余时间,迈克尔享有家庭生活、 钓鱼、 露营、 观光、 摄影、 探索自然神的创造的奇迹。



玛丽在 2006 年搬到塔斯马尼亚岛,疯狂地爱霍巴特。 她喜欢海滩和咖啡和她心爱的西霍巴特邻里。她特别喜欢去她的家人,玩棋类游戏、 看老电影,并与朋友分享生活的驱动器上。她在 2000 年到马克,赫钦斯学校初中牧师结婚了。

上帝赐予他们有四个华丽活跃孩子,帕特里克 (2004 年),阿米莉亚 (2006 年),哈丽特 (2008 年) 和艾洛伊斯一定 (2011 年)。玛丽一直参与基督教儿童部因为她是一个十几岁,尽管与年荷兰孩子当时短小长时间的休息。 她成为了一个基督徒作为一个孩子,喜欢帮助孩子们理解、 表达,并活出他们的信仰在基督,并帮助他们了解和理解神的话语更好。


Sam Gough

Sam Gough
University Pastor

University was an influential and exciting time of growth in Sam's Christian life. He is keen for other students to experience the same thing.

Sam made a career switch from medicine to ministry. He has done many years of ministry on university campuses around Australia. He is passionate about helping people understand the Bible and connect their faith to their everyday lives.

Sam is married to Beck and they have two kids. He loves eating junk food, watching sport on tv, and wearing comfortable trackies."


Kwan Tzu Nin
Chinese Assistant Pastor

Church is the reason Kwan calls Tasmania home. Kwan came for the university in 2006 and later got married with Joanne in 2012. They were blessed with Bruno (2014) and Gwyneth (2016).

Wellspring is a church of diversity and this has helped him experience Jesus richly. Kwan is passionate about seeing people of various ethnicities gather together as families under the name of Jesus. Kwan works with the university in aquaculture research, and enjoys fishing and keeping aquarium.

劳拉 · 奈

劳拉 · 奈

劳拉在霍巴特已经长大了,感谢上帝,不记得有一次,当她不相信他的感觉。她遇到了她的丈夫安迪在朗塞斯顿和他们结婚在 2010 年。在 2016 年,他们欢迎他们的长子,大卫,融入他们的生活。在过去,劳拉在孕期学习科学,和在塔斯马尼亚水果出口公司工作。 她喜欢杯茶,与她的社区乐队演奏音乐,烹饪的朋友。


Noel Bowditch

Noel Bowditch

Noel is honorary Assistant Minister with responsibility for the 8am congregation. He brings to this role a breadth of ministry experience in both rural and urban contexts, school chaplaincy, church consultancy and assisting parishes in times of review and transition. Outside the parish he serves as a ministry coach and facilitates the cohort of honorary clergy in the Diocese. He enjoys reading, exercising, spending time with family and in the garden.

He is married to Lynne. They have two adult sons (Matt and Chris) and three young grandchildren.




艾米是一个妻子对安德鲁和妈妈到哈丽特 (4) 和亨利 (2)。安德鲁在霍巴特校园工作与大学基督徒团契和他们都热衷于努力奉基督与所有他们的生活。

9 年后在高节奏的会计事务所,艾米加入我们的团队对节奏的变化和优先事项和机会当中部工作场所。



Charlotte Jones

Charlotte has grown up knowing Jesus name and began to comprehend the magnitude of His grace in her teenage years. She is passionate about helping youth develop their faith, engage with God’s word, have fellowship together and learn about Jesus. Charlotte attended St Marks Bellerive in her childhood before coming to Wellspring 3 years ago and has thoroughly enjoyed her time here. She is looking forward to the next chapter at Wellspring and continuing to engage in fellowship.

Charlotte is studying a Bachelor of Social Science at UTAS majoring in Sociology and Geography as well as undertaking a unit at Ridley Bible College. She enjoys being outdoors, reading, spending time with her family and friends and going to the beach.

Sarah Pilgrim

Sarah Pilgrim
Children's Ministry Trainee

Sarah has had the joy of growing up in a Christian family in which she was given the opportunity to confirm her faith eagerly in her teens. She has been a member of the Wellspring community for a
number of years after making the move from Holy Trinity with her family and enjoys engaging with a broad range of people in the church but most especially children.

She loves working with kids and is excited for the opportunity to engage in spiritual growth with the children she leads. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at UTAS as well as completing a Certificate of Theology through the Timothy Partnership. When she’s not working or studying (which is not often!), Sarah enjoys reading, watching classic films and going for walks on the